Delta Completes Factory Acceptance Test for Nutsche “Dachshund”

Delta just completed the Factory Acceptance Test for this special Nutsche Filter Dryer. This particular machine has a 2 m2 filtering surface and is equipped with a double glove box at the discharge nozzle. 

Here at Delta, we refer to this machine as a Dachshund, because of its short height. The peculiar dimensions will allow for a larger filtration area compared to the volume that needs to be filtered.

Delta Dachsund

Large Nutsche Filter Dryer Delivery

Delta just successfully completed a delivery to a customer in Hungary. We manufactured a large Nutsche Filter Dryer with a 4 m2 filtering sheet. This particular machine is made of stainless steel and will be used for API production. 

Large Nutsche Filter Dryer Delivery Delta Costruzioni Meccaniche - Delta 7 9 21 1