Product sampling is an easy way to check the process status, but in many cases sampling is not a simple task. In particular, when a product is a solid/powder, the sampling device needs to have high-level features.

Depending on product and process needs, Delta can equip its machines handling solids with different sampling systems like blind ball valves or plug valves. For meeting the highest requirements, however, a totally different design has been developed.

The Delta Spoon Sampling Valve design is based on a piston that is inserted inside the machine body through a screw, driven by a hand wheel. Once inside the machine body, a lever tilts the piston and product falls inside the spoon. The sample is then recovered by removing the piston with the hand wheel and rotating it again.

Tightness is provided by a packing composed of PTFE rings and o-rings, which are located around the piston inside the valve body.

In order to avoid any damage, once the piston enters inside the machine body, a safety switch turns on and stops the agitator rotation, placing it in the parking position.

The valve can also be equipped with an RTP for highly potent products, and can be completely dismounted for washing (and sterilizing).

Compared to other sampling systems for solid products, the Delta Spoon Sampling Valve obtains samples from inside the product cake, thus avoiding product located near the machine body that might not be a representative sample.