The project does not end with the delivery

Delta Costruzioni Meccaniche knows that a project does not end when the equipment is delivered. Delta’s after-sales organization can assist the customer during the complete life of the machine, thereby improving the plant’s reliability, and consequently its profitability. Depending on requested needs, it is possible to:

  • Prepare a dedicated maintenance and spare parts program
  • Refurbish and modify existing equipment
  • Help with the recommissioning of plants that have not been in operation in a long time
  • Assist customers on IQ and OQ validation
  • On-site assessment and repair of machine issues
  • Set and perform a training program for operators and maintenance managers
The project does not end with the delivery

Spare parts and maintenance program: how to improve equipment lifetime

Reliability and availability are the main objectives of every maintenance manager. Delta helps plant operations by providing a dedicated spare parts or maintenance program.

From a simple critical spare parts list to a dedicated yearly predictive maintenance check, the Delta experience allows customers to attain the highest plant profitability.

Delta proposes a wide range of services, and is able to fulfill the most demanding requests like:

  • Spare parts management, both at the customer’s site and at Delta
  • Yearly inspection
  • Long-term reliability assessment and plan
  • Tailor-made maintenance program
  • Maintenance on demand
  • Remote telemetry assistance
Spare parts and maintenance program: how to improve equipment lifetime

Second hand/refurbishment: new life to old machines

As a plant’s life is always subject to continuous adaptation due to changing needs, performing smart modifications or refurbishments to existing machinery can be the key factor for meeting a requested production time schedule and targeted profitability goals. Delta’s technicians are ready for:

  • Assessing existing machine status
  • Designing modifications according to new requirements
  • Assessing costs and advising the customer on how to proceed
  • Performing the modifications both on site or at Delta’s workshop

Delta can perform modifications and refurbishments on both equipment built by Delta as well as by other manufacturers.

Second hand/refurbishment: new life to old machines

Training is a continuous process

Trained operators means higher plant profitability and reliability, along with lower accident rates. Per Delta’s philosophy in following a customer throughout a machine’s life, we are ready to support personnel training with a flexible and tailor-made approach.

A dedicated team of specialists can prepare a training program including the following topics:

  • Operations during normal conditions
  • Fine-tuning and control system programming
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Spare parts management
Training is a continuous process