Meet the Team: Giorgio Pasquariello

Continuing our ‘Meet the Team’ series, we’d like to shine a light on Giorgio Pasquariello, a specialized technician on our assembly line who exemplifies the qualities that make Delta truly unique. Even in his role on the assembly line, Giorgio’s contributions are invaluable. He embodies our philosophy of a multilateral approach, proving that every perspective, regardless of department, is integral to Delta’s success. With over four decades of experience at Delta, Giorgio’s insights offer a profound perspective on what sets us apart.

Giorgio believes it’s the fusion of different elements that make Delta stand out, primarily Delta’s 50-plus years of experience, its unwavering commitment to excellence, and its exceptional workforce. He highlights the symbiotic collaboration across departments as a vital aspect of our work culture. “The operations, technical, and engineering departments work harmoniously, creating a stimulating and rewarding work environment,” he explained. This collaboration underscores Delta’s holistic approach, ensuring every facet of our work is thoughtfully integrated–a reflection of our commitment to unified teamwork.

At Delta, Giorgio feels valued, emphasizing that each team member’s voice matters. “Here, we’re not just employees; we are integral to the decision-making process, actively contributing to the company’s success,” he pointed out. Giorgio’s journey with Delta supports this belief. He began working with us at the age of 14 as an apprentice, and his unwavering dedication and contributions have been pivotal to our team ever since.

A perpetual learner, Giorgio approaches each day as an opportunity for growth, aligning seamlessly with Delta’s commitment to progress. His infectious enthusiasm is palpable when he talks about the challenges that come with building machinery from scratch. “The learning never ends here,” he shares with a smile, “and new challenges present themselves every day.”

It’s part of the nature of our business; because Delta’s machines are essentially tailor-made to meet the customer’s needs, no two machines are ever exactly alike. This means that no two challenges are ever alike, either. Still, Giorgio finds something to rejoice in. “My favorite part of the job is creating machinery from raw materials and witnessing its transformation into a finished product,” he shared with enthusiasm. For Giorgio, the satisfaction lies in the quality of craftsmanship evident in the final product. 

But Giorgio is not just a technical maestro; he’s a community builder within the Delta family. Beyond the intricacies of machinery, he actively organizes open barbecues for the entire Polaris Group, turning Delta into not just a workplace but a second home thriving on camaraderie. In his eyes, Delta is a place brimming with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Giorgio’s dedication, woven into the fabric of his journey at Delta, is more than a job – it’s a calling. His commitment and passion echo the core values that define Delta, making him an integral part of what makes our company extraordinary. As we reflect on Giorgio’s journey, we recognize that we are not just fortunate to have him as part of our Delta family; we are enriched by his presence, making Delta a truly exceptional place to work.

14 December 2023