50 Years Of History

Delta history starts in 1968 when three senior designers with previous experiences in large shipyards and technical departments of engineering companies, decided to run their own business.

At the beginning, Delta target was to supply the growing Italian equipment for chemical companies market and the focus was in simple pressure vessels (tanks, reactors, heat exchangers,…) for process.

During 70s, Delta started to develop more complex systems in order to fulfill customers’ needs. In particular, following API producers, the attention was addressed on equipment for:

Liquid/solid separation (Nutsche filters)
Sterilization (autoclaves)
Vacuum drying (paddle and double cone dryers)
High purity water production
Powder mixing (double cone mixers, horizontal)
Resins and polymers synthesis

During 80s, the Company focused its efforts on machines that still today are main part of its portfolio: Nutsche filter dryers (DNFD), and vacuum dryers.

The first installations of the equipment are dated as follow:

  • 1986 DNFD
  • 1987 DVRF
  • 1995 DCHD

90s were the years of the growth linked with the internationalization. South Corea, China, Eastern Europe, Egypt, Israel and USA are some of the countries where Delta delivered its machines during this period. Delta became part of Polaris Group on 2009 in order to strengthen its financial status and to fight worldwide competition. Now Delta is a growing company able to provide effective and reliable added value to customers through its products.

Delta Milestones

Three senior designers founded DCM as acronyms of their names (De Angeli, Colombo, Munafò)
DCM becomes Delta Costruzioni Meccaniche and the headquarter is moved to Misinto (MB – Italy)
First deliveries outside Italy
The workshop surface doubling, adding a second building
First nutsche filter dryer delivery for API production
ASME U-stamp certification for US pressure vessel manufacturing
Second workshop expansion
Joining the Polaris Group to face better the challenges of the new millennium
ISO 9001 certificate
HP0 certificate
SELO certificate
workshop surface doubled with the acquisition of a new multifunctional building