Solids discharge valves are installed at the discharge nozzles of process machines that handle powders. Because of their function, they need to be designed for:

  • Managing dry and wet product, even in the worst conditions
  • Providing needed tightness both for pressure and vacuum
  • Being totally washable (especially when applied in the pharma or API industry)
  • Being easily maintainable

The Delta Zero Dead Area Plug Valve meets all the above listed features because of:

  • simplicity: it is composed of only three main parts (body, plug, and driving system)
  • the ability to be completely opened and inspected
  • Its CIP/SIP system composed of sprayers and rotating balls that can reach all surfaces.

The plug perfectly contours the shape of the machine body. Tightness between the plug and seat is provided by the conical plug profile where an o-ring or a metal on metal seal is installed.

A screw/drive screw system provides the plug movement. The final driving system can be hydraulic or pneumatic, as well as manual in small machines.

Depending on process needs, the Delta Zero Dead Area Plug Valve can also be equipped with high-containment devices like a:

  • Double sealing system for segregating the process area from the driving system
  • RTP (rapid transfer port) or continuous liner system at the discharge nozzle

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