Delta Costruzioni Meccaniche s.r.l. is committed to design and manufacture components, machines and plants for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry that fully meet the requirements of the Customer and those mandatory by the law.

In order to increase the improvement of the level of Quality, Delta Costruzioni Meccaniche s.r.l. promotes a continuous improvement and believes that customer satisfaction is the key to the success; to do this, it makes every employee aware of the importance of their role.

Delta Costruzioni Meccaniche s.r.l. believes that the QMS is an indispensable tool for the management and growth of the Organization, through the continuous improvement with the aim of satisfying the requirements of the Customer.

The Organization promotes the active participation of its representatives / agents in order to make a more effective Customer services and to better meet his needs, as well as act on the territory of competence to acquire new Customers.

DIR promotes the QMS and its Policy and ensures to activate an efficient communication to the organization and, at the same time, that the necessary resources and means are available to achieve the objectives set.

Delta Quality policy 2024