Delta Completes Factory Acceptance Test for Nutsche “Dachshund”

Delta just completed the Factory Acceptance Test for this special Nutsche Filter Dryer. This particular machine has a 2 m2 filtering surface and is equipped with a double glove box at the discharge nozzle. 

Here at Delta, we refer to this machine as a Dachshund, because of its short height. The peculiar dimensions will allow for a larger filtration area compared to the volume that needs to be filtered.

Delta Dachsund

Horizontal Paddle Dryer Delivery

Delta recently completed a successful FAT and delivered a Horizontal 2000 ltr Paddle Dryer for API production. The dryer included a control system, a delumper, as well as a heating/cooling skid.

In the image below, our project engineer is doing the final inspections on the machine. He’s checking the connector for the nitrogen tank, which is used to clean the dust filter.

Horizontal Paddle Dryer
Horizontal Paddle Dryer