Recovery of the heel cake from the filtering sheet is one of the most important features that a Nutsche filter dryer must have.

Being able to discharge even the last few particles remaining on the machine bottom means improving plant profitability, not only because of increased production, but also because of fewer -washing and cleaning procedures.

The DNFD Delta Nutsche filter dryer was developed with this issue in mind. The agitator is based on a simple design that minimizes the number of components. The body is oversized, in order to minimize elastic bending. The construction and the final assembly are constantly checked for reducing tolerances.

Any remaining heel cake (since the distance between the agitator blades and the filtering sheet cannot go lower than a few millimeters for safety reasons) can be recovered using the Side Blowers System developed by Delta.

A series of sprayers (numbers and position depend on the machine size) are located on the machine body side, at the filtering sheet level. Once the agitator discharge phase has been completed, sprayers start blowing nitrogen towards the discharge nozzle, lifting the heel cake and pushing it to the outlet.

In order to avoid dust production inside the machine and outside the discharge nozzle, the discharge valve is equipped with a connection to the plant vacuum system, generating a slight ambient pressure inside the body.

The system is also complete with a nitrogen feeding system that includes a small buffer tank and fast-acting valves.