Auxiliary systems


Delta Costruzioni Meccaniche’s integrated approach to customer process needs resulted in the development of auxiliary systems for its machines. This makes possible the complete management of the production line,

Thanks to its experienced team, Delta can offer:

  • Vacuum systems for reactors as well as for vacuum dryers: from very simple packages, where only the pump is included, to very complex skids where a dry-running vacuum pump is equipped with a booster and pre and post condensers.
  • Heating / cooling units: based on steam or thermal oil, Delta’s heating/cooling packages can be very flexible and reliable.
  • Distillation package: an integrated solution that provides skid-mounted reaction units.
  • Reaction package: small reaction units, totally integrated on skids.
  • Control system: whether PLC-based for a flexible approach, or DCS for an integrated solution, Delta can offer the implementation of the plant control system.


  • Among process parameters, temperature is one of the most important. In many cases, controlling it, it means controlling the process.Delta Costruzioni Meccaniche designs and builds heating cooling skids for generating a thermal fluid flow, used inside process machines heating systems.These skids are usually based on a steel frame where components are installed:
    • Pumps (for water, oil or glycol) pumping the fluid to the heat/cold unit
    • Generating units, producing the heat/cold normally composed by heat exchangers or electric heaters
    • Controlling valves
    • Instruments

    Skids can be customized depending:

    • The requested heating power (small skids generating some kW of heat)
    • The temperature level (from -20 °C to 200 °C with different sources)
    • The temperature accuracy
    • The reliability of the system


Vacuum dryers are process machines where powders are dried at low temperature, tanks to the vacuum generated inside the vessel.

Dryers vacuum generating system is influenced by many parameters:

  • Required vacuum level (normally directly connected to the drying process)
  • Flow that depends on machine size and also on granted tightness level of the drying system
  • Available cooling fluids
  • Plant lay out

Starting from these data, Delta designs and builds vacuum system for its process machines.