Drum flakers


The DRF Delta Drum Flaker is an extremely robust machine for continuous production. This equipment is used primarily for the solidification of surfactants and waxes. However, more applications for these machines are also being found in the food and chemical industry.

The DRF Delta Drum Flaker benefits are:

  • Continuous process
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Low CAPEX AND OPEX costs
  • Low energy / power consumption
  • Simple control of flakes features, controlling process parameters.


The target of the DRF Delta Drum Flaker is to convert a hot molten product into solid flakes using an internal cooled drum:

  • First, a thin layer of liquid product adheres to the outside of the rotating drum and solidifies between the feed and the knife.
  • Then, when the hardened layer arrives at the knife, it is peeled from the drum and broken into small flakes that fall into the discharge device.

Depending on product features, two different designs are available.

DRFV - Single drum flaker with vat

Suitable for warm liquid products whose state changes with a cooling action. The DRFV is equipped with the following devices:

  • Rotating cylindrical drum where the molten product adheres to the external surface which is cooled internally by means of a sprayer system
  • Heated vat where the hot melted product is stored and where the drum dips
  • Special adjustable overflow to control the level in the vat
  • Knife to detach product from the drum
  • Drive unit for drum rotation at variable rotational speed
  • Discharge hopper for flake collection

DRFT - Flaker with distribution roll

Suitable for pasty products, the DRFT differs from the DRFV in the following ways:

  • The vat is replaced by a distribution roll situated in the upper part of the main drum.
  • The distribution roll has a separate drive unit and the distance from the main drum is easily adjustable.
  • An additional knife for the cleaning of the distribution roll is available.

Additionally, a hydraulic system is available for the roll that acts as a safety device to avoid damage to the machine from any falling metallic parts. The distribution roll can also be heated or cooled, should the process require it.


For both the DRFV and the DRFT, the thickness of the produced flakes depends on several parameters:

  • feed type
  • drum rotational speed
  • cooling fluid temperature
  • distribution roll distance (for the DRFT only)

All these parameters can be adjusted from the control system, allowing a production optimization.


  • Material chosen according to product and design conditions
  • Austenitic stainless steels or special nickel alloys for the main drum
  • Customizable dimensions and capacity
  • Explosion proof electric system
  • Recirculation system with receiver for product to be flaked
  • Closed circuit cooling system with chiller
  • Machine enclosure and inertization
  • Spring system or hydraulic system for pressing the knife against the product
  • Discharge screw



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