Meet the Team: Giorgio Pasquariello

Continuing our ‘Meet the Team’ series, we’d like to shine a light on Giorgio Pasquariello, a specialized technician on our assembly line who exemplifies the qualities that make Delta truly unique. Even in his role on the assembly line, Giorgio’s contributions are invaluable. He embodies our philosophy of a multilateral approach, proving that every perspective, regardless of department, is integral to Delta’s success. With over four decades of experience at Delta, Giorgio’s insights offer a profound perspective on what sets us apart.

Giorgio believes it’s the fusion of different elements that make Delta stand out, primarily Delta’s 50-plus years of experience, its unwavering commitment to excellence, and its exceptional workforce. He highlights the symbiotic collaboration across departments as a vital aspect of our work culture. “The operations, technical, and engineering departments work harmoniously, creating a stimulating and rewarding work environment,” he explained. This collaboration underscores Delta’s holistic approach, ensuring every facet of our work is thoughtfully integrated–a reflection of our commitment to unified teamwork.

At Delta, Giorgio feels valued, emphasizing that each team member’s voice matters. “Here, we’re not just employees; we are integral to the decision-making process, actively contributing to the company’s success,” he pointed out. Giorgio’s journey with Delta supports this belief. He began working with us at the age of 14 as an apprentice, and his unwavering dedication and contributions have been pivotal to our team ever since.

A perpetual learner, Giorgio approaches each day as an opportunity for growth, aligning seamlessly with Delta’s commitment to progress. His infectious enthusiasm is palpable when he talks about the challenges that come with building machinery from scratch. “The learning never ends here,” he shares with a smile, “and new challenges present themselves every day.”

It’s part of the nature of our business; because Delta’s machines are essentially tailor-made to meet the customer’s needs, no two machines are ever exactly alike. This means that no two challenges are ever alike, either. Still, Giorgio finds something to rejoice in. “My favorite part of the job is creating machinery from raw materials and witnessing its transformation into a finished product,” he shared with enthusiasm. For Giorgio, the satisfaction lies in the quality of craftsmanship evident in the final product. 

But Giorgio is not just a technical maestro; he’s a community builder within the Delta family. Beyond the intricacies of machinery, he actively organizes open barbecues for the entire Polaris Group, turning Delta into not just a workplace but a second home thriving on camaraderie. In his eyes, Delta is a place brimming with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Giorgio’s dedication, woven into the fabric of his journey at Delta, is more than a job – it’s a calling. His commitment and passion echo the core values that define Delta, making him an integral part of what makes our company extraordinary. As we reflect on Giorgio’s journey, we recognize that we are not just fortunate to have him as part of our Delta family; we are enriched by his presence, making Delta a truly exceptional place to work.

Meet the Team: Alberto Colombo

In a new series of posts, we are publishing interviews showcasing our Delta team members. For our first feature, let’s meet Alberto Colombo, our Technical & Production Manager. Alberto has been with the company for 16 years. He was hired shortly after finishing school and his first job with Delta was carrying out verification calculations for the certification of pressure equipment, which included completing certification technical files and user and maintenance manuals, with an eye on product quality. This enabled him to work with customers during their visits to our workshop.

Thinking back on his career so far, Alberto fondly remembers the first start-up he participated in. Visiting a customer in the Czech Republic, he was both nervous and excited. This was the first time when he would see the machinery outside of our factory. While this took him out of his comfort zone, he was also very curious to visit a new place and to work with the equipment in its final environment. Learning on the job, he saw firsthand all the checks that must be done before switching on the equipment.

When asked, Alberto said, “The best thing [about working for Delta] is the fact that our work is tailor-made. Our customer’s requirements are always different from each other, which stimulates the team (especially me) to develop new solutions, particularly when the requests are unique.” This ability to meet customer demands is what he takes the most pride in here at Delta. He loves getting positive feedback from the field when our solutions exceed our customers’ expectations.

This all leads to what makes Delta great. Alberto (rightly so) associates competence and flexibility with the Delta brand and work ethic. According to Alberto, “The entire staff is focused on the success of the job, providing their experience, expertise, and availability. The atmosphere one breathes every day at Delta is one of great harmony, and this too contributes to the final result.”

Over 16 years, he sure has some stories to tell (though not all can be shared!). But a standout moment with an Italian customer illustrates what he loves about Delta. The head of maintenance called him on the Saturday afternoon before Easter. They were having a problem with a Delta automatic valve during their internal maintenance. At first, it looked like an operator error, but further inspection showed an issue with abnormal wear. Alberto engaged the customer’s maintenance team and Delta’s most experienced worker, and they had the problem solved that same evening. This allowed our customer to proceed with their production schedule without interruption and was especially impressive given the availability of the team during the Easter holidays. According to Alberto, “It was a very time-demanding activity, but it was solved thanks to the quality and dedication of the Delta team, which I have highlighted before.”

Outside of work, Alberto is focused on nurturing his two kids. He also relaxes by doing puzzles, playing the guitar, and going for a nice swim. We can’t wait to see what Alberto does both personally and professionally in the years to come!

Video Showing Extraction of Filtering Sheet

Delta is excited to share that we are delivering three Delta Nutsche Filter Dryer 200s to a customer in Spain. In the video below, where the three machines are situated together, we share the moment when the filtering sheet automatically moves from the bottom of the filter dryer. This extraction allows operators to seamlessly perform maintenance on the filtering sheet and the dryer itself. 

Delta at Pharmtech and Ingredients 2021

Delta is exhibiting at Pharmtech and Ingredients in Moscow! We’ll be at our booth until tomorrow (Nov. 25, 2021). If you’re at the show, please come see us to learn more about our solutions!

Solid Pharm (GRAFITOS Y METALES, S.L) Pavilion 2, Hall 8.

Delta at Pharmtech and Ingredients 2021 Delta Costruzioni Meccaniche - IMG 20211124 WA0003 copia 1

Delta at Expoquimia!

Delta is exhibiting at Expoquimia in Barcelona! We’ll be at our booth until tomorrow (Sept. 17, 2021). If you’re at the show, please come see us to learn more about our solutions!

GRAFIMETAL (GRAFITOS Y METALES, S.L) Hall P3 – Level 0 Street A Stand 124

Delta at Expoquimia! Delta Costruzioni Meccaniche - EXPOQUIMIA LOGO COLOR EN
Delta at Expoquimia! Delta Costruzioni Meccaniche - Expo 9 16 21

Powder Mixer Delivery

While Delta is known for its sophisticated solutions in the form of reactors and dryers, we also develop machines that are appropriate for the latter part of an API process.

Here we have a powder mixer, which is a simple machine that is used to mix two or more powders together. This was delivered to an API producer in northern Italy, and it can process 3,000 liters of product at a time. 

Powder Mixer Delivery Delta Costruzioni Meccaniche - 9 16 21

Pilot Nutsche Delivery

Delta recently delivered a small pilot Nutsche filter dryer for API production to a customer in Northern Italy. The machine is made of C-22, and is equipped with a glove box for high potent molecules. The dryer was also included our complete production line: a control system, heating system, and vacuum system.

Pilot Nutsche Delivery Delta Costruzioni Meccaniche - 20210512 143145 1
Pilot Delta Nutsche Filter Dryer out for delivery

Successful FAT for Horizontal Paddle Dryer

Delta performed a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) of a 300-liter Horizontal Paddle Dryer. This particular machine will be used as a pilot unit for API production. The dryer is made of stainless steel, has a vacuum and control system, and – most importantly – has an automatic opening system for its front door.

Successful FAT for Horizontal Paddle Dryer Delta Costruzioni Meccaniche - Delta 2 12 21
Delta Horizontal Paddle Dryer

Distillation Column Developed for Cosmic Research

Delta recently completed an exciting project with our parent company, Polaris S.r.l. We developed a distillation column for which Polaris focused on the process while Delta focused on the mechanical solutions and provided necessary construction features.

This particular vessel produces an exceptionally pure solvent. It was constructed for a pool of international research institutes preparing an experiment on the makeup of the universe to discover matter structure. Part of the project focuses on the production of LinearAlkil Benzene (LAB) with a purity of 1x10E-15. That means that there is one particle of impurity per 1,000,000,000,000,000 of LAB particles!

LAB is a solvent that is used in the experiment as a scintillator. When pure and stressed by sub atomic matter structure particles, it releases a signal based on photons.

The plant where this column is installed is located in a cave, deep underground in order to avoid disturbance from cosmic microwave background.

Originally, the distillation column had been designed to minimize dead area and maximize cleanability (which is typical for the API market.) The construction followed particular procedures to allow for the lowest possible pollution of the internal volume of the vessels. Delta designed very special trays and distributors, and provided very high quality finishing (polishing + electropolishing) on the interior vessels’ surfaces. While this is typical for the API market, it is unusual for such complex geometry.

Distillation Column Developed for Cosmic Research Delta Costruzioni Meccaniche - Sept 28 Image 3 1
Distillation Column Developed for Cosmic Research Delta Costruzioni Meccaniche - IMG 20200916 142036 1
Trays assembly