Design and construction of process equipment since 1968

Delta Costruzioni Meccaniche is a highly experienced company with acknowledged capabilities in design and construction of equipment and systems for pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry.

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Company profile

Delta was established in 1968, when Mr. Matteo Munafò decided to start his own business, after several years of experience as maintenance manager in a large shipyard and chief engineer in a leading company manufacturing process equipment. In few years, Delta rapidly gained a significant position as a reliable partner for many chemical and pharmaceuticals companies, well considered for robust equipment and development skill.
During the 80’s and 90’s Delta developed several technologies and became one of the world leaders for Nutsche Filter Dryers, exporting hundreds of equipment in Europe and oversea countries, thanks to good quality and prices and to proprietary technologies for accessory items.
Around year 2000, Mr. Matteo Munaf handed over the company leadership to his sons Giovanni and Gaetano, respectively sales manager and technical manager.
In 2008 Delta joined Polaris Group, establishing a comprehensive and unique organization for process solutions.

Polaris Group

Central features for Delta

Expertise, flexibility and customer orientation: we can proudly serve several customers among the leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies worldwide

The engineering team combines design and development skills with innovation spirit, thus performing robust and state of the art systems, designed, built and tested according to the most stringent requirements and codes. Delta know-how covers Reactors, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Vacuum-dryers, Filter-dryers, Drum flakers and other process systems, with thousands of equipment successfully produced since its foundation in year 1968. During all these years the company has always been researching new devices and details to find the best solution to satisfy each specific customer requirement

Delta Approach

Keep in-house construction

Despite of the common trend to use third parties and subsuppliers for many significant items, Delta approach is to keep in-house construction of most elements composing the equipment to be supplied.
Such approach provides several benefits:

  • Full control of materials and manufacturing sequence, thus resulting in a more reliable and long life equipment
  • Flexibility and quick response for possible changes required by customers
  • Easy inspection procedures both for Delta QC as well as for customers and third parties

Thanks to strong synergies with other members of Polaris Group, the in-house construction also corresponds to optimized costs.


A 4.000 square meters workshop allows Delta to manage several working departments, like a workflow that follows each step of machines construction: from the raw material processing to the welding area, from the assembly zone to the finishing one, till to the testing department. Besides classical machine tools Delta makes use of vanguard machines like the Automatic submerged arch welding and many other technical instruments to constantly improve its construction quality standards But what really makes the difference is Delta’s experienced technical staff. All Delta technicians are perfectly trained and able to follow each part of the whole process construction. We can completely trust in their skills, some of them work with Delta since the very beginning and have been handling down their experience to our young generation technicians.
All these elements enable us to build machines according all the most important national and international Design Codes.